@TastyGM FYI, Fedora is CentOS (unless you are expecting people to game on the IBM business version of Fedora called CentOS only?). From the link: "These days, it’s probably more accurate to say that Red Hat and CentOS are actually based on Fedora."

Also, if you look at that link I supplied previously, the other person who is having the same exact problem has tried multiple Linux distros, including supported ones.

Ascension WoW client worked fine on my PC with Fedora for over a year, and then just broke, after a recent update. Something changed with how the avatar models are displayed in the client (or the models themselves) on the character selection screen.

I'd love to keep throwing money at your guys, but won't if I can't play the game. Please reconsider the blanket response and take a look at how the client/models changed a month or two ago? Been looking forward to CoA, watched all of Mcdouble's videos.