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Hi! I'm having trouble with the launcher. Every time I start the download process the launcher window disappears but it doesn't close on the taskbar. Also I'm using Fedora 38 and I'm using the .Appimage launcher.

This is a common issue for a lot of Distros. I would suggest downloading the .exe install version instead and load it via steam to install it. works better.
Down below is an example of how I did it.

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I managed to get it running on Pop!_os, and also with a slight improvment.

I first followed the original instruction but noticed that I had limited performance. The guide tell you to install wine x32 instead of x64 which limited ram usage to 8gb. also GPU drivers (although being AMD which is better native to Linux than nvidia) were very bad. Couldn't raid in Karazhan normal without getting half a frame per minute.

Instead: Installed steam, added the ascension-setup-xxx.exe as a "non-steam game" and forced it to run with proton 7.0-6. Installed the game via steam.


I went into the folder where the game was installed: (...steamapps/compata/1234567xxx/pfx/drive_c/program files/Ascension Launcher) added Ascension Launcher.exe into Steam as a none steam game instead (trying to boot the game via ascension-setup-xxx.exe would only continuously reinstall the game in a new folder to no end). Again pushing steam to launcher Ascension Launcher.exe to run Proton 7.0-6.

Now I can boot the game, installing addons works fine too.

Pros: My computer can now utilize the Proton API which is much better than old Wine. GPU can now actually use a lot more of its performance and I can also use more of my 16gb ram.

Issue that persists: DivxTac.dll has to be deleted every time the game update or verified integrity. Something in this file makes the GPU drivers for linux go mad. Not sure if it's only an AMD problem.

I tested this on a fresh Fedora install, but sadly to no avail. I only ended up with error messages as soon as I booted Ascension from Steam.

Hope this helps more players! 🙂