@Obeliske my build is pvp focused, altough I see a way to modify it for pve at some point.

Also its far from complete, but it does pretty good so far as melee builds are lacking.

I see new meta being born right now, melee tank builds do very good.

I WAs going after tauren hunter fantasy, but it turned more into enh shaman playstyle because of "must have" abilities.

I will post the build in-game in few days.

Its agility based, counter attack and black arrow (modified to black widow strike) and raptor strike are your main abilities outside of WF.

I combined WF with Seal of Command and warrior talent for Xtra attack + trinket for Xtra attack for RnG burst.

Maelstrom procs with fireball once jn a while + frost shock and arcane shot for range abilities.

Hunter talents give you a lot of attack power for your abilities.

Avatar and Pain suppresion for defensive CD AND dmg boost.

Mark of the wild epic Re for atk power buff

Crusader enchant

And you can pick flurry for faster attack or the talent from warrior tree for armor penetration.

With everything combined you are looking at 400-800 ability crits, WF around 1. 2 non crit proc.

If you are blessed by RnGeesus, you can go UP to 2.5k WF + Seal of Comm proc, not including auto attack dmg.

This WAs my build couple weeks ago, I changed it quiet a lot since then to fit the melee hunter fantasy.

Now its almost pure physical dmg with a bunch of CC where I can lock somebody for solid 10 seconds and get the edge in the fight.

In the end you have to remember you are a melee and everyone has a way to kite you, but you still make them shit their pants once in melee range.