Misrepresenting team communication will not be tolerated.

This includes posting cropped screenshots, photoshopping team interactions or anything designed to misrepresent communication or incite drama. The best practice for sharing or referencing team communication is to copy the message link so people can view the original message and its context.

To clarify rule (13) so there is no confusion at all.

Any form of AFK, automated or unattended farming is strictly prohibited.

If you are gaining experience, loot, gold or any in-game value while AFK you are violating this rule. This rule is in effect even if you are not using 3rd party programs. Any form of unattended farming is a violation of the rules and bannable. Unattended defined as unresponsive to GMs appearing to you after a reasonable amount of time, even if you are not technically "AFK."

This has always been a rule, this is just clarifying it.

Clarifying rule (1) as well as general code of conduct so there is no confusion around how it is handled or the actions taken.

Ascension is a place to escape from the constant barrage of politics and IRL issues that permeate most online communities.

There is no shortage of online communities where politics and irl issues can be discussed. Ascension is not one of them.

This means all politics, not just some politics or specific politics. This includes elections, government, current conflicts, gender issues, race discussion, or anything that brings IRL issues into the game.

Keep in mind that moderation is reactive. Other people breaking this rule does not give you permission to also break this rule. Even if you do not instigate the discussion, those engaging will also receive a mute.

Instigating global chat will result in a longer mute. A second offense will result in an irrevocable perma-mute. Do not incite politics in world chat or newcomers chat.

If you would like to discuss these issues you can opt in to /join politics or join a guild that allows it.

If there are topics important to you that we do not allow in global chat I would encourage you to find communities that allow that discussion, and to respect that Ascension is one of the few places to escape from all IRL issues.