but i no know i no like this energy healer

and for better heal i think need this in LRE

your Renew genearte 2 energy per heal and your holy nova have chance (25%) expand your renew to all target your holy nova healed and your holy nova is now finisher move (all talents work (rogues/cat))(for balance all nature heals lose -15% heal) Renew on you(only on you) will be cancel every time you get fear, disarm, stuns, silences, and gouges but you no get this debuffs and your Renew now have 10 sec CD (on you)(+- get same debuff like power word: shield but for renew on you(healer) in pvp 2x more time(20 sec ))

with this when you have luck you will be perma imunite for fear, disarm, stuns, silences, and gouges
and with holy nova like finisher (rogue/cat) can use insta nature heals (with talent) but this heals will be less efective